Do you have sex on the brain?

A few weeks ago I asked Hong Kong women to share some of their concerns around sexuality in an anonymous survey.

And…(drumroll!)… the results are in!

It’s been great to see that most of those who answered seem to have above average sex lives! Yay!

  • 54% enjoy sexual pleasure (by themselves or with a partner) at least 3 times a week. (Why do men complain women have less of a sex drive? Obviously they don’t know you girls:-)!!)
  • 64% of these gorgeous women self-pleasure on a regular basis and are fully in touch with their bodies.
  • 37% can have multiple orgasms whenever they want them (way to go girls!) while other 54% usually orgasm but struggle to keep going.

There is still some room to grow in the body confidence area with only 45% said they were always comfortable sharing their body with a lover (we gotta work on that!) while only just about half  said they discuss their sex life with their partner in an open and constructive way.

The key areas of growth range from more romance (who doesn’t want that?) to spending more time being sexual with a partner (maybe even exploring some of the best sex toys around) to higher sex drive or actually getting and staying in a relationship.

All of this data is a great indication that our planned chat about sex will be fun, animated and hopefully life-changing.

If you want to see how this conversation evolves, all you have to do is join  Dr. Katherine Dale and I on Saturday February 11, 2016 from 2.30 to 5.30 at Pause Central, 16F, 41-43 Graham Street to learn how sex can change your life.

We’re gonna talk about :
– what are the main barriers to women experiencing better sex and multiple orgasms any time they want them
– how to engage your partner in open fun conversations about sex that lead to deeper intimacy and connection
– how to supercharge your sex drive and keep those yummy hormones going (whether or not you have a man in your life).
– what are the best toys around and what makes them special
– and just for fun, if Christian Grey was old, fat and ugly would we still think ’50 shades of grey’ is a girls’ idea of hot summer reading?

Book your tickets here:

Let’s talk about sex

Early bird finishes on January 31st so don’t delay!

We look forward to seeing you there for a very fun afternoon!

Valentina & Katherine

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