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One of the most devastating things we experience in life is heartbreak.

Along with the actual death of someone we love,  breakups are the most painful human experiences and it is often that we hold on to that pain for a very long time after the end of the relationship.

All the ‘would have, should have, could have’s’, all the un-answered questions , all the self-blame and anger breakups generate are very toxic emotions that keep us trapped in the past, not allowing us to move on and find new love.


What lessons can you learn?

As painful as they are, breakups are also very powerful life lessons. Each person we meet in our life is there to teach us something. Trouble is, in the deep pain of a breakup, the last thing we want to look at is what we were meant to learn from this experience.

Breakup coaching is a special method focused on helping you accelerate your transition through the 5 stages of loss, letting go of blame, anger and guilt and understand the gifts you have received from that relationship. It allows you to let go of the attachment to the past, heal the wounds left by the unmet desires and give you deep insights into who you really are and what your ideal relationship looks like.

All in all it prepares you for the most amazing relationship of your life.

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