Couples Coaching


If you are dating, living together, engaged or married with someone you think may be the man or woman of your dreams, you may already feel you’ve got it all, that love is all that matters and it will ‘conquer all’.

Or you may already know that’s actually just a myth and real life is usually not as pretty.

Relationships evolve and transform just like we do and it often takes a lot more than feelings to make them last.

Couples Coaching may be your answer if you are trying to decide if she or she is the one to commit yourself to for the rest of your life or if you want to make sure you uncover any hidden misalignments before you say ‘I do’.

If you’ve already been married or with your partner for a long time but feel the spark is gone or are experiencing anger, frustration or communication issues, couples coaching is a transformational process which can mean the difference between staying together and an expensive divorce.

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Is Couples Coaching for you?

It’s a YES if you:

  • … have a partner you love and want to be with but something is holding you back from making the ultimate commitment. Come learn what that might be and how to overcome it for the success of your relationship.
  • … cherish your partner and like their company but can’t help feeling they are not the one; however, you don’t want to be ‘the bad guy’ and leave them. Let a coach guide you through a journey of discovery of your deepest desires to help you decide what’s the best course of action.
  • … you’ve said ‘yes’ and are about to be married but you notice some issues keep coming up that make you feel less sure this is the right thing. Chances are these are all very solvable problems that require an exploration of each other’s fears and expectations and can easily be resolved through coaching and learning of new skills.
  • …have been together for ages and things are good but no longer great. Cracks are getting deeper every day but you treasure what you have and want to make sure you’ve tried everything before you throw in the towel. The most likely culprits are taking each other for granted or simply that you have grown in different directions. Clarity and open conversation with your partner in the presence of a coach can remind you of all the beautiful things that brought you together and help you rediscover each other anew.

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J & R
Hong Kong
"Valentina's coaching is direct and caring and we felt she was fully invested into helping us find the best answers to improve our relationship. Working with her has been insightful, rewarding and invaluable to the health of our partnership. We have overcome the majority of our issues by changing our communication style and learning how to resolve ongoing conflicts'.


Rowena & Jeff
Hong Kong
I had no idea what to expect when we decided to try relationship coaching but it was definitely worth it. We discovered things we needed to remind ourselves of and there were some complete surprises. Sometimes it was like opening a can of worms... a good opportunity to make time to ensure we are more than ever on the same page. I feel like we really appreciate each other more since we had this experience.