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I became a Dating Coach because all my life I’ve been fascinated by the mystery of love.

How love changes who we are, sometimes making us stronger and sometimes leaving us weak and powerless, at times giving us wings and others plunging us into the deepest depression.

In time, I understood that there are many kinds of love and they are all essential to finding happiness.

After years of looking for a purpose, I finally understood that what I was meant to do in this life was to help people around me find and surrender to love in all its guises.

Not just a partner, a lover or a husband but also self-love, which is the foundation of everything. Because, without loving ourselves and accepting who we truly are as incredible miracles of creation, we cannot hope to open our hearts to others and experience true happiness.

So I became a Dating and Relationship Coach and started working with people searching for a soul mate, then people who’d already found a partner but somehow found that love was not enough to live ‘happily ever after’.

What all these people had in common was a desire to understand themselves better, to leave behind self-doubt and painful experiences and create a new reality for themselves. A reality in which everything is possible and achievable and where they are in control of their own happiness.

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