Your primary personality is Director.


Directors are a product of high testosterone activity associated with independence and rational thinking.

You are analytical, decisive, focused, inventive, competitive, independent and strategic-minded. You are also daring, original, direct, non-conforming, skilled at abstract thinking and short-term planning, often assertive, tough-minded and efficient.

You are very competitive and you need to be the best in everything. Pragmatic, tough-minded and decisive, you are never taken aback by difficult situations. On the contrary, you can keep a level head and make up your mind quickly, even if you are faced with difficult choices.

Directors love rational analysis, logical reasoning and objectivity and are not prone to fall into many traps. You tend to be attentive, paying lots of attention to details and often focus on the minutiae of your life. This makes it easier while you are heading towards that specific goal and you rarely waste time on your way to reaching it.

You are not afraid to come up with new ideas and work your way to a solution. If that means you have to make unpopular decisions, so be it. Your persistence is the key to your success.


However, Directors are sometimes considered to be cold and calculating people who work hard to reach their goal, irrespective of the people that need to be trampled upon to get there. Sometimes your social skills can be lacking and it’s possible you don’t make a lot of effort to seem more social or affable. You can appear distant and cold, only tending to please those who might be useful to you.

Directors’ success can make them overly confident, which can result in arrogance. Your preciseness and punctuality can seem uncompromising and you can miss the nuances of social situations and personal feelings.

At the same time, though, you are dedicated, loyal and interested in sharing your ideas, which means you can make very close friends and can be very protective of those you love.

You take dating seriously and are clear in your intentions. And the sparks will fly in the bedroom—Directors have a high sex drive.


Your Best Romantic match is a Negotiator

The reason behind Directors and Negotiators being drawn to each other is because they compliment each other. Negotiators see the big picture while Directors focus on smaller pieces of the puzzle. Negotiators are skilled at seeing all angles without taking action and Directors are decisive yet don’t often analyze ancillary data.

The two types are also compatible socially. Negotiators are good at smoothing over Directors’ inappropriate comments and Directors admire the diplomatic nature of Negotiators. Dr Fisher says of the Director / Negotiator match: They need each others’ skills. The indecisive need the decisive. The tough-minded need the tenderhearted.


Famous Directors included Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton (whose partner Bill is a Negotiator)