Your primary personality is Explorer!


Explorers are a product of high dopamine activity associated with curiosity and spontaneity.

You are curious, creative, adventurous, sexual, impulsive and self-reliant. You are also known for high energy, novelty, risk and pleasure seeking ways, and not being easily swayed by opinion.

You live a rich and varied life because you’re an energetic, restless person who sees time in a different way than most others. You move fast. Your natural curiosity draws you to all kinds of different situations where you can come up with new ideas, practice new theories and generate new thoughts. Shifting your attention from one problem to another is not a problem for you, you are always looking for more thrills and excitement in your life. This adventurous streak sometimes makes you take unnecessary risks but with a little focus on whats important you can achieve great things.

Explorers are very likable people with generous minds and happy attitudes to life and people around them. You have a playful nature, are very sensual and enjoy life to the point of being hedonistic. Your favorite word is ‘adventure’.

At the same time, you can be unpredictable and hard to rely upon, which does not make you good marriage material. You hate routine and don’t tolerate boredom very well. Your impatience can make you seem like a selfish companion as you don’t like to obey anyone’s rules.

Your best Romantic match:

Explorers are drawn to other Explorers but you are willing to accept most other types. This can be attributed to your flexibility, curiosity and willingness to try just about anything once.

You are most attracted to other Explorers however because you crave excitement. You’re looking for optimism, impulsivity and curiosity in your partner. The Explorer/Explorer match is generally strong because Explorers love adventure and want a partner to share their spontaneity.

But this match can have problems. Since you are both willing to tolerate risks, two Explorers can find themselves in disastrous situations. Explorers are not usually very introspective so the pair often avoids difficult discussions.

Other well-known Explorers include Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Boris Yeltsin, Ernest Hemingway, Alfred Tennyson and Robert Schumann.