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Marriage counselling often gets a bad rap. No one ever wants to hear these dreaded words, which, for most people, seem to indicate impending doom and the end of the relationship.

That’s because marriage counselling feels a bit like physiotherapy after you’ve been through a bad car crash: lots of tears and pain and never really knowing you will be completely fixed.

Often, we wait till it’s too late and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Partly because we prefer to live with the delusion that things are not as bad as they may seem. Or simply because we are too afraid to face the truth and put the work in.

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Marriage counselling is not the only option in Hong Kong. 


Yes, you can wait until everything you had in common has disappeared in a mist of rejection, resentment, and contempt. Most people do, so must be the best way forward.

Or, you can stop things from ever going there by taking a proactive approach and keeping your relationship healthy and fun with the help of a relationship coach.


                         Marriage counselling vs. Relationship Coaching 


Counselling focuses on fixing what was broken in the past
Coaching creates a new vision for the future 
Counselling brings thoughts and feelings from the past into the present to heal those wounds and find a way to repair the relationship
Coaching prevents the breakdown by resolving ongoing conflicts and learning new tools for enhanced communication and connection

Why everyone needs Relationship Coaching

If you wanted to have a healthy body, you would not wait until you got REALLY out of shape before going to the gym, right?

Getting Relationship Coaching help before things become really unbearable in your household is the best way to ensure your relationship stays healthy, strong and can withstand the test of time. 


Regular check ins with your coach can also save you a lot of time, money and heartache and ensure the words ‘marriage counselling’ never make it out of your mouth. 

Relationship Coaching will provide you with the tools, resources and guidance to enjoy your relationship to its fullest. It will allow you to experience a deeper sense of commitment and understanding for each other and at the same time, help you understand yourself. 

marriage counselling hong kong
Marriage Counselling heals your past wounds.

Relationship Coaching gives your love new wings.


Is Relationship Coaching for you?

It’s a YES if you:
have a partner you love and want to be with, but something is holding you back from making the ultimate commitment. Come learn what that might be and how to overcome it for the success of your relationship.

… you’ve said ‘yes’ and are about to be married but you notice some issues keep coming up that make you feel less sure this is the right thing. Chances are these are all very solvable problems that require an exploration of each other’s fears and expectations and can easily be resolved through coaching and learning of new skills.

… cherish your partner and like their company but can’t help feeling they are not the one; however, you don’t want to be ‘the bad guy’ and leave them. Let a coach guide you through a journey of discovery of your deepest desires to help you decide what’s the best course of action.

have been together for ages and things are good but no longer great. Cracks are getting deeper every day, but you treasure what you have and want to make sure you’ve tried everything before you throw in the towel. The most likely culprits are taking each other for granted or simply that you have grown in different directions.

I had hit a wall in my long-distance relationship of several years. My partner and I tried relationship coaching for the first time with Valentina … It brought a breakthrough in communication between my partner and me. She helped us listen to each other and worked on different exercises together that forced us to reflect on things we didn’t realize were missing. I wish I worked with her sooner!

D. | New York City


 Valentina is a star! We had a few sessions with her and the insights, exercises and emotional guidance she has provided have helped us become an even stronger team. We leave every meeting with renewed energy in our relationship, are excited to build our future together and all the exciting things we have to look forward to. I can not recommend Valentina enough!

J. S. | Hong Kong


“Valentina’s coaching is direct and caring and we felt she was fully invested into helping us find the best answers to improve our relationship. Working with her has been insightful, rewarding and invaluable to the health of our partnership. We have overcome the majority of our issues by changing our communication style and learning how to resolve ongoing conflicts’.

J. and R. | Hong Kong


As a professional Relationship Coach, I am invested in your success as a couple. We will work together so that you and your partner can have a healthy and successful relationship.
There is a lot more to you and your partner.

Understanding your personal needs, each other’s views and having clarity on what you desire to achieve will strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

You’re only one click away from creating success and fulfillment in your relationship. We will discuss your goals and create a customized action plan for you and your partner.

In-person and online relationship coaching for couples in Hong Kong

  • Reconnect with your partner and deepen your intimacy and connection
  • Enhance your communication and conflict management skills so you don’t always fight over the same small things
  • Feel understood and make your partner happy by feeling loved and appreciated
  • Deal with difficult situations without stress and arguments
  • Identify negative patterns that are affecting your relationship and create strategies to overcome them
  • Experience what it feels like to be in a fulfilling relationship 
  • Reignite the spark between you and your partner  and keep the chemistry going

Ready to Invest in the Success of Your Relationship?

On top of coaching couples, I also help singles in Hong Kong to find the love of their lives and prepare for a relationship. My singles coaching program is perfect for anyone who is ready to find true love.

If you are having a hard time moving on from heartbreak, or a relationship that didn’t go as expected, my break up recovery coaching program is designed to help you heal and move on.