Singles Coaching


You’ve been single for a while and feel that nothing’s working? Maybe you feel there are no good men out there. Or even that you’ve looked everywhere but you just don’t find the right person.

You may have gotten to believe that there is something wrong with you or that you are too old for love.

None of that is true. It is perfectly possible for you to meet the man of your dreams and live happily ever after, even if you need a little bit of help to get there.

The great news you are reading this and you can choose to put an end to those beliefs, that pain and loneliness and simply change the way you approach dating.

With just a few sessions of coaching you can change the way you feel about love.

You can just book a free Discovery Session right now to learn more about how a personalised coaching program can help you find the Love of your Life.

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Benefits of Singles Coaching:

  • Personalised coaching plan designed specifically for your individual needs
  • Clear action steps for finding the love of your life
  • Practicing dating and communication skills in a safe and supportive environment
  • Weekly face to face or phone calls with your coach
  • Audio, video and reading materials to enhance your understanding of safe dating practices

Hong Kong
Thank you Valentina for your coaching in the past 3 months! I am happy I have a number of breakthroughs, and I feel confident in getting into a relationship. Thank you for your guidance.


Brisbane, Australia
"I am so grateful to have Valentina as my coach. She really cares. She didn’t just encourage me, but personally saw to it that I followed up on a very difficult assignment while she waited on the line with me until I accomplished it. I am blown away! Thanks Valentina! You are amazing!”