Tips, Tricks and Advice from Relationship Experts on Making Dating Simple and Fun
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  • Why dating in the 21st century is easier and much more complicated than it used to be, and what you can do.
  • Discover my Online Dating secrets and how to maximize your success on dating apps.
  • How to create the perfect online dating profile to attract the right kind of matches and save yourself time.
  • My simple rules for engaging with people online and offline, and keeping the conversation going.
  • How to move swiftly from online to real life dating and create a real connection with your matches.
  • Where to find the right type of people and discover shared interests to establish a strong foundation for your relationship.
  • How to rock online and offline conversations, and learn quickly if someone is a good match.
  • How to manage first dates and create intimacy to uncover compatibility.
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"I loved the simple but effective approach to dating which makes this book invaluable for anyone looking for real love.  
My online dating profile is now getting me loads and loads of great matches." RJ

"I am so amazed with how simple dating seems after starting to practice the skills taught in this book! Easy to read and full of useful strategies, this is definitely an excellent manual for modern dating."  CC
"My dating life has simply transformed after I started implementing the ideas presented in this book. My confidence has hugely increased, communication and flirting feel natural and fun and I am just enjoying dating!" HS
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About the Authors
The Dating Coach
Valentina Tudose has made it her mission to help singles navigate the pitfalls of modern dating and prepare them for finding the love of their life. 

She became a professional relationship coach after years of helping friends cope with loneliness, tears, disappointments and painful breakups. She always felt there had to be a better way to find a partner than patiently waiting to stumble into Prince Charming in a bar or screening poor matches on Tinder.

Living in Hong Kong for over 15 years, she experienced first hand the pressure of the hectic lifestyle on modern relationships and chances of finding ‘the one’ and has helped dozens of people acquire critical dating and communications skills and understand the requirements of their ideal relationship.

She is a Certified Dating and Relationship Coach and holds regular events and workshops on topics like Conscious Dating, Communications Skills, Flirting Techniques as Breakup Coaching.
The Match Maker
All love is self-love. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we then have the capacity to truly love others.

Ariadna, founder of Maitre D’ate matchmaking agency and date concierge, believes the root of self-love is in the power of your focus. By being self-aware, you identify, understand, and accept what matters, while discarding the rest. In essence, it’s about being selfish and that's the paradox: By being selfish we can be selfless.

At Maitre D’ate, Ariadna uses this philosophy to bring together singles who know what they want (or want to do the work to find out), and are ready to fall in love and grow together. Ariadna supports them on this journey through matchmaking, coaching, executive search, online dating assistance, and date concierge services.

Ariadna Peretz is a certified matchmaker (accredited with the Matchmaking Institute), has an MBA from Chinese University of Hong Kong and a degree in Political Science from University of British Columbia.
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