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Hi, I’m Valentina

Hong Kong’s No. 1 Relationship Coach

My purpose as your Relationship Coach is to help you rewrite your Love Map so you can experience extraordinary relationships.

This Love Map is the intricate web of patterns created by all your mental, emotional, and physical experiences, shaping the very essence of your romantic relationships.

Much of this map remains concealed in your subconscious. I help you reveal the reasons why some people captivate your attention and others don’t, how your unmet needs create all your conflicts and why events that happened far back in early childhood prevent you from experiencing genuine and long-lasting love.

I combine knowledge from coaching, hypnotherapy, neuroscience and biology to help you figure out why things didn’t work out your way and rewire your brain to create a new reality, reframing what’s damaging and enhancing what’s helping you succeed.

Whatever your quest – the love you waited for forever, a deeper sense of intimacy with your existing partner or the freedom to live your life on your own terms – I help you RISE.

Together, we create a brand-new trajectory for your life and a future full of infinite possibilities.

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Are you stuck in a relationship that doesn’t make any sense?

Do you desperately need a change and, even though you think you tried everything, nothing seems to work?

There comes a time most of us reach this crossroads.

Years of unbearable loneliness waiting for ‘the One’, the painful end of a relationship you thought was going to last forever, a partner who has become distant and resentful and leaving you empty and adrift or a career gone stale and a general sense of helplessness and doom…

These are all very familiar ‘walls’ we all hit sooner or later, and we rarely know how to move on.

That is also when the biggest breakthroughs happen, but we often cannot do it alone. Once we find an ally who can help us create a map for the future, we can set ourselves up for success.

Let me be that ally and help you map your new Extraordinary Life.

I hit that wall myself 10 years ago.

After almost 20 years in a successful corporate career, I knew I needed a change. The job I used to love was making me so angry it ended up giving me cancer.

Almost by divine intervention, I discovered Relationship Coaching and instantly I knew this was my future. My training not only gave me the tools to start a business almost overnight but also gave my life meaning and set me on a path of helping others in ways I had needed help myself.

I always had a fascination for love and how it held everything together.

Or not. So many novels and movies describing the pain of getting into a relationship and then all the pain that comes with the end.

But what about what makes it work? How do successful couples really live happily ever after? Is there something deeper and darker that stops us from making each other happy even after we found Mr. or Mrs. Right?

This is now the purpose of my work. To make love a more exciting journey where we grow and expand into our full potential, together with partners who give us the gift of their time, affection and attention. And help us create Extraordinary Relationships.

Here is how we can work together


Reignite Your Relationships and Master Your Life Path


Your Journey to Extraordinary Relationships


Rekindle, Transform, and Reinvent Your Relationship


Rediscovering Strength and Hope After Heartbreak

I was struggling with letting go of a relationship and negative experiences from my past, and wanted to know and love myself better.  I am a much happier person and I really enjoy my dating life.

C.C. | Hong Kong


Valentina has been integral to not only holding me together during one of the most complicated and heart-rendering times of my life but enabled me to greatly improve my life, my relationships and my vision for my future.

K.R.G | Hong Kong

I needed to make a very important decision about where my life was going and I felt completely powerless. Valentina helped me discover confidence I didn’t even know I had! I was able to find the courage to make decisions and communicate them to people around me in a way that changed my life.

L.A. | United Arab Emirates

Valentina’s coaching is direct and caring and we felt she was fully invested into helping us find the best answers to improve our relationship. Working with her has been insightful, rewarding and invaluable to the health of our partnership. We have overcome the majority of our issues by changing our communication style and learning how to resolve ongoing conflicts.

J. & R. | Hong Kong

I met Valentina during one of the most difficult periods of my life. She supported, listened and guided me in the best way possible. Not only did she help me rebuild my life, I came out the other end more confident, sure of myself and happier than I’ve ever been. She was definitely my guardian angel when I didn’t even know I needed one.

K.B. | Hong Kong


I was prompted to seek help because life as a single man was becoming too much of a habit that needed to be shaken up. I was struggling to find the right person but now I am happy to say I am ready to meet the woman of my dreams. After working with Valentina, I feel much more attuned to what I’m looking for and much more confident about seeking her out.

A. Q. | Chiang Mai, Thailand


Valentina is a wonderful relationship coach: understanding, gives honest and practical advice, with great expertise and experience. I started seeing her going through a period of self-doubt, even just after one or two appointments, I feel better and know my “real self”.

Y.A. | Hong Kong

I had hit a wall in my long-distance relationship of several years. My partner and I tried relationship coaching for the first time with Valentina. I was extremely nervous but she was amazing! She not only put my nerves at ease but also helped me reach clarity in my relationship. It brought a breakthrough in communication between my partner and me. I wish I worked with her sooner!

D.G. | New York City


Valentina is insightful and experienced when it comes to understanding and interpreting our most treasured relationships. Although very successful in my work and outer life, I was so lonely and didn’t know how to break out of the cycle.  Valentina gave me useful tools to work with and a renewed perspective on how to view myself, significant others and our place in the world.

M.Y. | Toronto, Canada

I had no idea what to expect from relationship coaching but it was definitely worth it. My husband and I discovered things we needed to remind ourselves of, as well there were some complete surprises. Sometimes it was like opening a can of worms…  a good opportunity to make time to ensure we are more than ever on the same page.

R. & J. |Hong Kong

My husband and I were very bad at dealing with conflicts so we’ve reached out to a marriage counselor to help us solve this problem. That experience cannot compare to what we have learned with Valentina. Her coaching method was practical and effective. The tailored communication tools she introduced to us helped focus on the solution rather than the problem, which has been very effective in resolving arguments.

D. & J. | Hong Kong

Working with Valentina, I was reminded of the importance of taking my power back when dating, putting myself first and learning to be detached because what is meant to happen, will. It all sounds pretty cliché, but it works! It has helped me mentally to step back and enjoy me! Thanks, Valentina, you’re fantastic at what you do!

K.C. | Hong Kong


Until I met Valentina, I had not realized I was twisting myself into a pretzel to “make relationships work” and then ended up feeling deprived, depleted and just bankrupt. By helping me clarify my needs and requirements, she enabled me to tune in to a better outlook on life. As a result of this invaluable lesson, I was able to find my soul mate and I am excited to be planning our wedding and our new life together.

B.W. | New York City, USA

I was dating 2 men and didn’t know how to choose between them. Valentina helped me discover my dealbreakers and needs, understand myself better and determine which one was my ideal partner. She also helped when I got lost and guided me to see things in different ways. I am now planning my wedding with my chosen partner.

M.P. |  Hong Kong

I have had many breakthroughs due to Valentina’s determination to guide me to find my own answers.  I love the way she gently persists and keeps me on track, and at the same time knows how to make me feel safe and accepted. She didn’t just encourage me, but personally saw to it that I followed up on a very difficult assignment while she waited on the line with me until I accomplished it.

Judith H. | Brisbane, Australia


Valentina is a star! My husband and I have been meeting with her for a few months now and her insight, exercises and emotional guidance have helped us become an even stronger team then we thought ever possible. We leave her after every meeting with renewed energy in our relationship and look forward to the future together and all the exciting things we have planned.

J. S. | Hong Kong

I haven’t been in a relationship since my separation from my ex-husband years ago and was the victim of a romance scam so trust was a big issue for me. After working with Valentina, I can see a significant change in my attitude to life: I learned to prioritize my interests, overcome some of my limiting believes and continue to work on others with a much more hopeful outlook.

V.C. | Hong Kong

Valentina, you are phenomenal!   The way you provide your neutral perspective on issues and always keep the best interest of your client in mind makes your more than just dating coach, this is what friends do for each other.   It’s easy to feel lost when one is in distress, but how you dissect the problem from different angles has helped me to see other available options. I can’t stress enough how relieved I am after meeting with you!   You ROCK!!

K.C. | Hong Kong 

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