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Love Alchemy:
Rekindle, Transform, and Reinvent Your Relationship

If you are dating, living with, engaged or married to someone you thought may be ‘The One’, but started to realise that things weren’t quite as you expected, you may need a little help to set things right.

Love Alchemy is a comprehensive couples coaching program designed to reignite the flames of passion, transform your experience of love and deepen your connection with your partner.

We’ve heard many times that for a relationship to work ‘all you need is love’.

Reality though is a little different. Relationships, just like people, evolve and transform and it takes a lot more than feelings to make them last.

Even when things are going well, there are many opportunities to identify what you can do to move to the next level of intimacy and connection, to set goals and create an extraordinary relationship with your partner.

Are you …

…dating someone you love and want to be with, but something is holding you back from making the ultimate commitment? Love Alchemy will help you overcome the barriers that are holding you back so that you can create that extraordinary relationship you crave and live happily ever after.

…engaged and about to be married but you notice some issues keep coming up that make you feel less sure this is the right thing? Chances are these are all very solvable problems that require an exploration of each other’s fears and expectations. You need a little Love Alchemy to melt these fears and transform them into real relationship gold.

…mostly happy with your partner and like their company but can’t help feeling they are not ‘The One’. However, you don’t want to be ‘the bad guy’ and leave them. Let Love Alchemy guide you to discover your deepest fears and desires and help you decide what’s the best course of action.

…in a long term relationship and things are ok but no longer great? Cracks are getting deeper every day, but you treasure what you have and want to make sure you’ve tried everything before you throw in the towel. The most likely culprits are taking each other for granted or simply that you have grown in different directions. Love Alchemy will guide you back to each other and strengthen your connection so you can look forward to a future full of smiles.

…stuck in a relationship that has long lost its spark and every day and interaction with your partner feels like a dark hole you cannot get out of? Sadly, this is a place familiar to many and it’s easy to give up. Love Alchemy will transform this darkness into a deep meaningful connection, leading you back to happiness and joy.

You may think only people with relationship problems need to seek help.
In fact, the opposite is true.

You would not start doing exercise when your body is so sick you cannot move, right?

So, going for counselling and therapy only when things are SO bad you ran out of options only means the journey back to relationship health and happiness is going to be more difficult.

While therapy and counselling focus on the past, looking to fix hurts and emotional trauma, coaching focuses on the present and setting goals to improve various aspects of the relationship in the future.

Couples Coaching provides you with the tools, resources and guidance to enjoy your relationship to its fullest. It allows you to experience a deeper sense of commitment and understanding for each other and at the same time, help you understand yourself.

Love Alchemy combines all that: We examine what was broken in the past to learn the lessons and repair the hurts so that new feelings can occur, and your entire Love Map can be rewritten.

Transform your pain into happiness with Love Alchemy

Imagine you wake up every morning feeling safe and loved in the arms of the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with. You KNOW they are there for you, you feel seen, heard, supported.

There is nothing in the world that scares you because you just know no matter what, they will be by your side. And life is always better spent with someone who’s got your back, isn’t it?

Maybe you are not in a place where any of this feels possible right now but that’s possibly because your relationship has become so distant and stale, so full of rejection and frustration that you can’t even remember what you saw in your partner in the first place.

It’s easy to get in this rut. There is so little education about how to love and create meaningful relationships that most people fumble their way through a life full of pain when what they really wanted was the fairy tale.

Love Alchemy makes the impossible reality.

Not with a magic wand, but through understanding the gap between the expectations and reality, between desires and skills and by decoding the subconscious fears and programs that makes us feel rejected and hurt and push us away from each other.

What can you expect from our time together

Personalized coaching plan focusing on identifying your current developmental stage and designed to reignite passion, infuse excitement, and revitalize the romance within your relationship

Weekly 60 minutes sessions to explore creative new ways to deepen your emotional bond, fostering empathy, understanding, and mutual support, laying the foundation for deep emotional intimacy

Clarity on deal-breakers and needs to help you navigate challenges as a united front, building resilience, strength, and solidarity in the face of life’s challenges

Communication skills and strategies for resolving conflict so you can rediscover Authentic Communication and feel seen, heard and loved

Build or re-build a strong foundation in your relationship by expanding on your relationship Vision. Explore your shared dreams and aspirations, reigniting your common sense of purpose and alignment

Practice your relationship, communication and intimacy skills to cultivate attention and affection, identifying you preferred love languages, and putting them into practice every day

Craft your very own version of extraordinary: Uncover the blueprint for a harmonious partnership, where trust and mutual support create a foundation of love and companionship

Love Alchemy combines tools from different disciplines to get you to your desired destination faster and more efficiently

Couples Therapy

  • Therapy focuses on fixing what was broken in the past
  • It helps to heal traumatic past experiences that impact the day-to-day functioning of the couple and reframe the meaning of the relationship

Couples Counselling

  • Counselling focuses looking at past experience as the source of present pain and introduces new ideas for dealing with that pain
  • It brings thoughts and feelings from the past into the present to heal those wounds and find a way to repair the relationship

Couples Coaching

  • Coaching creates a new vision for the future
  • Coaching prevents the breakdown by resolving ongoing conflicts and learning new tools for enhanced communication and connection

Marriage Counselling heals your past wounds.
Relationship Coaching gives your love new wings.

Valentina provided a safe and empathetic space for me to explore my concerns and frustrations. My marriage is facing significant challenges and I felt overwhelmed by the prospect of repairing it. Through thoughtful guidance and practical exercises, she helped me gain valuable insight into my fundamental issue and own communication patters and emotional triggers. I am incredible grateful for the support I received from Valentina, she is my coach and best friend forever now!

Y.W. | Hong Kong

I had hit a wall in my long-distance relationship of several years. My partner and I tried relationship coaching for the first time with Valentina … It brought a breakthrough in communication between my partner and me. She helped us listen to each other and worked on different exercises together that forced us to reflect on things we didn’t realize were missing. I wish I worked with her sooner!

D. | New York City

Valentina is a star! We had a few sessions with her and the insights, exercises and emotional guidance she has provided have helped us become an even stronger team. We leave every meeting with renewed energy in our relationship, are excited to build our future together and all the exciting things we have to look forward to. I can not recommend Valentina enough!

J. S. | Hong Kong

Valentina’s coaching is direct and caring and we felt she was fully invested into helping us find the best answers to improve our relationship. Working with her has been insightful, rewarding and invaluable to the health of our partnership. We have overcome the majority of our issues by changing our communication style and learning how to resolve ongoing conflicts’.

J. and R. | Hong Kong

Thank you Valentina for helping my husband and I through a very difficult period of our relationship. You added great insight into our partnership – things that we never thought of ourselves and showed us where to look. You are a great mediator – gentle, warm, and kind and you guided us with a strong hand. I particularly appreciated how you were supportive, non-judgmental and encouraging throughout. I realise that there are so many areas we need to work on, not only the one we came to you with in the first place!

D.T. | Hong Kong

Valentina is my relationship coach, life coach AND lifesaver. Her technics are direct, practical, reflective and effective. She’s very intuitive, she has a unique ability to get inside your head and read you well. I first saw Valentina for hypnotherapy and subsequently see her for relationship coaching, that is relationship with a partner AND self. She has helped me grow so much; I am in a much better place as a person thanks to her. Valentina always always has your best interest at heart. It’s true – every gal (or guy) needs a Valentina in her life.

L.L. | Hong Kong

Enrolling in Love Alchemy will help you to

Reconnect with your partner and deepen your intimacy and connection

Enhance your communication and conflict management skills so you don’t always fight over the same small things

Feel understood and make your partner happy by feeling loved and appreciated

Deal with difficult situations without stress and arguments

Identify negative patterns that are affecting your relationship and create strategies to overcome them

Experience what it feels like to be in a fulfilling relationship

Reignite the spark between you and your partner and keep the chemistry going

Why Work With Me?

As a professional Relationship Coach, I am invested in your success as a couple. We will work together so that you and your partner can have a healthy and successful, extraordinary relationship. To be the help I needed when my own relationships got in trouble.

Because I was where you are. My relationships were not perfect.

In my TEDx Talk I shared a lot about my own struggles in love. (You can watch it here if you’ve never seen it).

I was betrayed and cheated on, I cheated myself, I felt lost and disconnected, I had ongoing fights and kept secrets out of fear and spite. I didn’t know how to repair things until I started to head my issues straight on and learn to express my feelings, make new conscious agreements and chose the kind of relationship that worked for me.

I know many people would not have made my choice but that was what brought me happiness and made my relationship extraordinary.

I want the same for you and I know how to help you get there.

All you have to do is trust yourself and your partner to find the right way for YOU.


Ready to Transform Your Relationship into Pure Gold?

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