Love Match Test Result – Negotiators

Negotiators are a product of high estrogen activity (associated with intuition and creativity). However, this does not mean that men have nothing to do with estrogen. There are lots of male Negotiators , and it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s much feminine about them.

Negotiators are imaginative, verbal, intuitive, idealistic, agreeable and introspective. They excel at seeing the big picture, long-term planning and consensus building, all the while being flexible, socially skilled, empathetic and nurturing.

The main characteristics of Negotiators are the way they deal with people and social situations, as their name suggests. They are very good with people and have a strong insight to minds and hearts, almost instinctively knowing what others are thinking and feeling. They are good at reading facial expressions, gestures, postures and tone of voice.

As much as Negotiators are interested in other people, they are also interested in reading themselves, which makes them quite introspective and self-analytical. They like finding behind the reasons of their actions, words, thoughts, motives, hidden meanings, etc. Also, in relationships, they have a tendency to go to great lengths to deeply analyse the strengths and weaknesses of their match.

All this doesn’t mean they’re rigid in their ways. On the contrary, they are mentally quite flexible, weighing up all the pros and cons before reaching any decision. This gives them an opportunity to choose between a lot of different ways how to react to something and how to proceed. The Negotiator’s way of thinking is never linear, rather more contextual, expanding into width rather than length. This makes them very tolerant towards any kind of ambiguity.

Negotiators are considered to be intuitive and creative, with a solid and theoretical way of thinking. They are good with words, being fluent, rapid, innovative and broad with vocabulary. They are also very agreeable, easily accommodating, compassionate, social-minded and patient, friendly, authentic, earnest and diplomatic.

However, there are some downsides to the Negotiators’ ways. Because of their inability to be confrontational, they can sometimes appear spineless. Instead of putting their foot down, they can turn to secretive means, operating behind someone’s back. While they are pondering the means of action, the situations can run past them, sometimes getting out of their hands. The careful reconstruction of every step, word, action and thought in a romantic relationship, going over and over it to come up with even the most subtle meaning behind them can be quite suffocating and tiresome.

Negotiators are drawn to Directors, and vice-versa. In the survey, Male Negotiators preferred female Directors 40% of the time while preferring Builders least at 20%. However, there was a similar non-preference for Explorers and other Negotiators as the male Negotiators may feel he can negotiate his way through, or possibly out, of other predicaments. Female Negotiators, meanwhile, preferred male Directors at 36%, but had a strong dislike for Explorers, preferring them only 14% of the time, possibly  because male Explorers probably remind female Negotiators of the “bad boys” they knew in high school and college.

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The top word used by Negotiators is passion.