Love Match Test Results – Builders

Builders are a product of high serotonin activity (associated with sociability and feelings of calm). Serotonin is a neurotransmitter (like Dopamine) which signals a state of happiness which what we have and where we are at in life.

Builders are calm, persistent, loyal, traditional, cooperative, social and managerial. They are also usually very popular, consistent, protective, with deep attachment to home and family, low anxiety.

Builders are considered to be calm, with good people skills, open for relationships, affable and social. The reason why Builders tend to be successful in most social situations is that they find them fun and relaxing. They love socializing and have a close circle of friends since duty and loyalty are amongst the traits they value highly. Their loyalty to friends and family is often absolute.

Builders are careful and cautious. They don’t often plunge head over heels into new adventures. They are not dreamers with their heads in the clouds. They think in concrete terms. They’re well-prepared and not inclined to make the same mistake twice. Builders also tend to be very sensible when it comes to business and money matters. They like to be safe and secure, therefore things are always in perfect order around them and they plan well ahead.

Traditions and social norms are important for Builders. They hold moral standards in very high regard. They are not easily bored or distracted, and that allows them to be methodical, dependable and hard-working. Other people tend to turn to them in times of need. They truly can be regarded as the pillars of the community. At the same time, due to their need to do things the ‘right way’, they can be hostile towards other solutions. They are considered to be very headstrong, even stubborn people who will not easily let go of their plans. Their need for order, rules and regulations is not the best basis for spontaneity. They can quite easily delve into being pessimistic, too rigid and taking things way too literally.

Builders usually fall for other Builders. In Dr. Fisher’s survey, Male Builders preferred female Builders 38% of the time while preferring Negotiators least at 15%. Female Builders preferred male Builders 35% of the time, and also preferred Negotiators least at 16%. The dislike for Negotiators seems to be between literal and metaphoric, tradition and theoretical, practicality and idealism. There was also a universal dislike for Directors, at about 19%, probably for their independence and individualism rather than community-orientation, not to mention the former’s directness.

Builders are most likely to marry each other, to say they are happy in their marriage and less likely to divorce than other combination. Builders like bringing people and community together and enjoy working together. They are successful at building large circles of close friends, making sensible decisions about money, family and feelings together. They value security above almost everything.