Love Match Test Results – Explorers

Explorers are a product of high dopamine activity (associated with curiosity and spontaneity). Dopamine is a neurotransmitter or a neuromodulator also known as the ‘Molecule of More’. It is the chemical of motivation, the signal that we need to go out and explore the world and expand our horizons.

Explorers are curious, creative, adventurous, sexual, impulsive and self-reliant. They are also known for high energy, novelty, risk and pleasure seeking ways, and not being easily swayed by opinion.

Explorers live a rich and varied life because they’re such energetic, even restless people who regard time in a different way than most others. They move fast. Their natural curiosity draws them to all kinds of different situations where they can come up with new ideas, practice their theories and generate new thoughts. Shifting their attention from one problem to another is not a problem for them, they are always looking for more thrills and excitement in their lives. Their adventurous streak sometimes makes them take unnecessary risks, leaving them prone to breaking the law more often than other types would. But with a little help from the people around them, they can also make excellent scientists and athletes – they certainly have the hunger and devotion that these jobs need.

Explorers are very likable people with generous minds and happy attitudes to life and people around them. They have a playful nature, they can be sensual and enjoy life to the point of being hedonistic. At the same time, they are unpredictable and hard to rely upon, which does not make them good marriage material. They are not prone to routine and don’t tolerate boredom very well. Their impatience can make them selfish companions as they don’t generally bend themselves to anyone’s rules.

The Explorers want the stimulation and the novelty of the big city, says Dr Fisher, who suspects President Barack Obama is an Explorer. He’s got charm, and the Explorer has charm to kill. The high-dopamine type is comfortable in his own skin. Look at the way Obama moves. It’s beautiful.

Other well-known Explorers include President John F. Kennedy, Boris Yeltsin, Helen Keller (who was quite the Explorer!), Ernest Hemmingway, Alfred Tennyson and Robert Schumann. Not surprisingly, they are a fairly creative bunch, as Explorers tend to be.

The top word used by Explorers is adventure.

Explorers are drawn to other Explorers. In Dr.Fisher’s survey, Male Explorers preferred female Explorers 41% of the time while preferring Directors least at 16%. Female Explorers had an even greater preference at 46%, but was pretty much even on preference for any of the other three categories. That general non-preference towards the other categories can be attributed to the Explorer’s flexibility, curiosity and willing to try just about anything once.