Looking for Matchmaking in Hong Kong?

Meet Valentina. Hong Kong’s No1 Relationship Coach
  • Do you think matchmaking is your best chance of finding a perfect partner?
  • Maybe you’ve been looking for the Perfect Match and you still haven’t met anyone?
  • Are you willing to spend a lot of money to hire a Hong Kong matchmaking service only to be faced with the same disappointment you’ve felt when trying to meet people organically?
  • Would you rather start a relationship knowing EXACTLY what you are getting into and being the Chooser?

A Hong Kong matchmaker may not be your best choice

If you’ve answered yes to the above, trust me you’re not alone!

It’s frustrating to keep putting yourself out there and give it your best shot and still never meet suitable matches. It’s totally understandable you may feel sick and tired of investing your time in casual dating. I feel you!

Out of desperation, many women out there are willing to spend a LOT of money hoping matchmaking will uncover their perfect man. 

But the reality is that hiring a matchmaker can be like waiting for Prince Charming to be delivered at your door.

What they don’t realize is that just because you pay someone to do your shopping you’re not any more likely to get what you want if you’re lacking clarity as to what it actually is that you desire. 

The main reason for that is that most people don’t really KNOW what they are looking for.

The key to finding what you want is knowing what you want.

As your Relationship Coach, I can show you all the easy and effective ways to attract your ideal partner and create a fulfilling relationship, all by yourself!

Anything that’s worth having requires effort but coaching makes it easy and fun

The good news is that you are reading this! I want you to know that you can take control of your love life by simply changing the way you approach dating and empowering yourself to CHOOSE your life partner yourself!

Since I started Happy Ever After, I helped hundreds of women just like yourself find love, connection, and happiness. And more importantly to learn to love themselves!

I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t want to an amazing, loving relationship and that starts with the relationship they have with themselves. Of course, we all want it but we think it’s more and more difficult to meet the right people. and we’re prepared to pay for help. 

You know how they say ‘Knowledge is Power’?

My philosophy is to give you the power to find that perfect person by getting you to know yourself, your values, needs and vision.

No need to spend lots of money on matchmakers who are going to give you exactly the same thing – because that’s all you know. 

I want to empower you to find someone who is worth your time, energy and commitment. For a lot less!

So you may wonder how do you go about finding real love without a matchmaker?

My Love Compass – Coaching Program for Singles is specifically designed to help women achieve their ultimate goal.

If you’re thinking “why can’t I find someone like this?” or “I don’t have time to waste on another relationship” what you need is clear and proven steps to achieve success in any relationship.

And I have made it REALLY simple!

What can be easier than 4 simple steps to get you from single, lonely and fed up with dating to being fully in control, loving yourself and your life and meeting amazing matches in as little as 3 months? 

  • What you will be able to do at the end of this program is KNOW with absolute clarity who is not a suitable partner and be able to screen out very quickly without becoming attached. That way you’re guaranteed not to have your heart broken! 
  • If you lack confidence and fundamentally believe you cannot find a man, no matter what you do you will not be able to see the opportunities out there and will not allow yourself to build the relationship of your dreams.
  • When you don’t feel confident and deserving of love – ie. when you have not yet discovered your Inner Queen – you may make a lot of excuses for people’s bad behaviour. You allow them to ignore you, ghost you or treat you like an option. You bend over backwards for them and instead of letting them make the effort, you make it way too easy!

That is not what Queens do! And that’s when you need to get your POWER back!


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