1. I KNOW WHAT I WANT - I have a clear vision for my life and relationship. I can envision my perfect life in rich detail that feels strong, very real, and keeps me motivated.
2. I KNOW MY REQUIREMENTS  - I have a written list of at least ten non-negotiable requirements that I use for screening potential partners. I am clear that if any are missing, a relationship will not work for me.
3. I AM HAPPY & SUCCESSFUL BEING SINGLE - I enjoy my life, my work, my family, my friends, and my own company. I am living the life that I want, and I am not seeking a relationship out of desperation and need.
4. I AM READY & AVAILABLE FOR COMMITMENT - I have no emotional or legal baggage from a previous relationship. My schedule, commitments and lifestyle allow my availability to build a new relationship.
5. I AM SATISFIED WITH MY WORK/CAREER - My work is fulfilling, supports my lifestyle, and does not interfere with my availability for a new relationship.
6. MY FINANCIAL & LEGAL BUSINESS IS HANDLED - I have no financial or legal issues that would interfere with having the life and relationship that I want
7. I AM HEALTHY IN MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT - My physical, mental, or emotional health does not interfere with having the life and relationship that I want. I am reasonably happy and feel good.
8. MY FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS ARE FUNCTIONAL - My relationships with my children, ex, siblings, parents, and extended family do not interfere with having the life and relationship that I want.
9. I HAVE EFFECTIVE DATING SKILLS - I initiate contact with people I want to meet, and disengage from people who are not a match for me. I keep my physical and emotional boundaries, and balance my heart with my head with potential partners
10. I HAVE EFFECTIVE RELATIONSHIP SKILLS - I understand relationships, can maintain closeness and intimacy, communicate authentically and assertively, negotiate difference positively, allow myself to trust and be vulnerable, and can give and receive love without emotional barriers

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