Love addiction and how you can get over it

Love addiction

They say Love is a drug!

As a matter of fact, neuroscience has proven it is true.

One of the most addictive drugs, as it feeds into our deepest desires: the need for intimacy and connection with another human being. At the best of times, when we are in love, we can barely focus on anything else, we’re constantly daydreaming about our lover and reminiscing about all the wonderful times we’ve spent together.

When that love is denied to us, things get much, much worse.

The constant obsessive thoughts, social media or real-life stalking, checking our phone every few seconds to double-check if they have been in touch, and that irresistible desire to contact them, even when you know it’s over…You know the drill.

Like all addictions, recovery typically requires external help.

I spoke to Luisa Tam about what makes love addiction so difficult to master and the ‘first aid’ steps to make it possible in this month’s ‘The Naked Truth’ column.

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