Have ‘The Talk’ before you commit, to save yourself a lot of trouble

Spending a life together with someone is a big deal. Before saying “I do” to a lifelong commitment and making promises to each other, it’s important to talk about the bigger issues in life. These will inevitably come up during the course of your marriage but discussing them before will give you a better idea of where you and your partner stand. Having “the talk” will ensure you’re committing to the right person; the person that you’ll still want to be with when all the excitement dies down and life begins.

I encourage my clients to use this talk as an opportunity to communicate their expectations from the relationship. I share more about “the talk” with Luisa Tam in The Naked Truth, SCMP.

Read the Article: https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/family-relationships/article/3009694/why-open-honest-talk-i-do-key-happy-marriage-dont

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