What You Didn’t Know About Female Pleasure and Were Afraid to Ask

female pleasure

If you learned about sex from movies or biology class, you may believe that the only way women can enjoy sexual pleasure is through penetration and vaginal orgasms.  You may also have been disappointed with how many times you are actually able to climax and possibly even created a belief that sex is not really fun for women and see it as a duty or a chore.

This could not be further from the truth.

While sex is often seen in our culture as something men love and women suffer, the reality is that women are actually better built for sexual pleasure than men.

The clitoris is the only organ in the human body exclusively designed for pleasure. It has no less than 8000 nerve endings making it the most sensitive part of your body, so how come many women miss it completely?

The best way to experience everything it can do is by experimenting with different masturbation techniques. These can help you discover the three different types of female orgasms and make you a real believer in the miracle of sex.

Let us discover what those are:

1. Clitoral orgasm

is achieved by directly stimulating the little ‘button’ half hiding under the clitoral hood in the upper part of the vaginal opening. Explore this wonderful spot with your fingers first, applying soft then harder pressure, circular, up and down or side to side movements, increasing pressure and speed until you start feeling the release and waves of pleasure of an orgasm. You can also take things to the next level by buying yourself a clitoral vibrator that is guaranteed to get you over the edge in minutes. Brands like Crave and Dame Products are beautifully designed powerful clitoral vibrators totally worth checking out.

2. Vaginal orgasms

are the best-known type and they are achieved through repeated stimulation of the g-spot (which is nothing but the internal surface of the clitoris) by the penis, a dildo or vaginal vibrator. Bearing in mind that only 30% of women can actually orgasm through penetration alone, the best way to experiment while self-pleasuring is to also directly stimulate your clitoris while using a dildo or vaginal vibrator for a deeper, more satisfying experience of pleasure.

3. Ejaculatory Orgasms

– also known as Female Ejaculation or squirting – are often considered impossible but they are in fact an ability that every woman can unlock. They involve an actual explosion of ejaculatory liquid from the vagina which is achieved through a particular type of stimulation of the g-spot (usually repeated powerful movements hitting in a particular place). This is often mistaken for pee and many women are extremely embarrassed when they happen accidentally. This type of orgasm feels very different and some women experience strong emotional releases during these moments. There are toys specially designed to facilitate this type of orgasm and any sex shop assistant would be able to help you to find the right one for you.

Whatever your chosen technique, remember that masturbation is the safest and most fun way of discovering your own pleasure zones, likes and dislikes and expand your capacity for pleasure so that you can also become a better lover with your partner.


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