What to do if your partner is emotionally unavailable

emotionally distance relationships and partners

What does it mean when someone is emotionally unavailable?

Generally speaking, the term emotionally unavailable refers to a person who doesn’t like to talk about the relationship, becomes evasive, makes up excuses or tries to avoid intimacy. It is usually more difficult for an emotionally unavailable person to receive love and other emotions which in turn makes it hard for them to understand the impact of it on others.

If your partner is emotionally available, the important thing to remember is that they’re not doing this to hurt you. Protecting their emotions is the way they know how to stay safe. Read my article in SCMPs The Naked Truth where I share more insights on emotionally unavailable partners and what you can do.

Read the Article: https://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/family-relationships/article/3046487/how-tell-if-your-partner-sexually-or-emotionally

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