3 Tips to Make You His Queen in the Bedroom

Have you ever wanted to impress your man to the point that he could not stop thinking about you?

I’m sure you heard the phrase ‘A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets’, right?

Most men want their partner to be smart, beautiful and confident. This kind of woman choosing them not only gives them validation and status but also offers much sexier benefits.

Here are 3 powerful moves you can introduce in your seduction arsenal to make sure he KNOWS he can now delete all his dating apps.

1. Get into his head!

You’ve just had an amazing date! The chemistry was through the roof, he was sweet, attentive and super flirty, then things got really hot in the bedroom! How do you keep the momentum going?

I really believe amazing sex happens between your ears, not between your legs so why not start building up the tension in his head for the next time you get together?

Best foreplay is the one that starts right after your last orgasm, so don’t waste any time!

There is nothing sexier than telling your man you can’t stop thinking about how much you want to get naked with him all over again and the sooner the better. That’s guaranteed to make him feel great about himself and obviously want to repeat the experience.

Send him a cute text when you wake up the next day saying “I wish you were here to wake me up with those soft lips of yours’😘. If you’re ready for it, get a little saucier for extra oomph “I had the sexiest dream about us last night… it kept going from where we left off and things got even hotter! Can’t wait to demonstrate in person 😉’ or “I’m having a really hard time focusing at work today… can’t stop thinking about what you did to me last night 😊”

2. Be explicit about what you want

Full-on dirty talk is a bit of an acquired skill (and it’s definitely not for everyone) but it’s totally worth experimenting with what makes you and him really connect in the bedroom.

My rule is to make sure you start building the anticipation by communicating clearly what you want before you get to the bedroom. Talking about likes and dislikes (in person or via text) is a great way to explore desires, educate your partner on your turn-ons and so to speak give him the keys to your body. (It is also a fantastic opportunity to state your boundaries around what you are NOT willing to do – but that’s a story for another day.)

When in the bedroom (… or kitchen, or the living room carpet😁), what’s really hot is to tell him exactly HOW you like it – ‘I love it when you touch me like that”, ‘Your lips are on fire baby, don’t stop kissing me ’ or “I love that hungry look in your eyes🤩’.

3. Enthusiasm

The most powerful words you can say to a partner you’re really into is “I want you!”. Saying the words is a good start but what makes the real difference between ok sex and amazing sex is SHOWING him that you cannot keep your hands off him, and nothing is too much for you.

After all, “love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired’ and when you combine words and action you get an explosive combination.


Let’s take giving oral sex for example. Many women think of it as a chore so often they either avoid it or do it reluctantly. If you’re going to do it (honestly, I don’t see for even one second why you would not!) you’re better off seeing it as the biggest gift you give your partner.

Yes, men love penetration and vaginas are truly an amazing organ but nothing – I repeat, nothing! – compares to the feel of your lips and tongue when you REALLY want to please him.

Regardless of skill, enthusiastic blowjobs are a man favorite bedroom move and if you make sure you look into his eyes (not the whole time, that’s creepy!), never use teeth, combine lips, tongue and hand movements with a LOT of desire you got yourself the top spot in his book.


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