Oral Pleasure Tips

When you meet a new guy you want to impress with your bedroom skills, it’s only natural to wonder what may be hiding in his pants.

Most of the time, you may think that size is all that matters (It doesn’t!) but there are other details of the male anatomy that deserve attention and careful consideration.

Living in Asia means most men you’ll meet would have everything ‘down there’ still in its place but there could be surprises.

30% of men around the world have circumcised penises (ie. the foreskin that normally covers the head of the penis has been removed) so it’s important to know how to handle the difference as it can influence his sensitivity to certain types of touch.

What do you need to know about circumcision?

There are many nerve endings in the foreskin which makes this area of the body very sensitive to light touch. It also protects the tip of the penis and the frenulum so oral sex becomes a very pleasurable experience because of the softness of the tongue and lips.

When giving oral pleasure to a partner who is not circumcised focus your attention on the tip while gently pulling back the foreskin. Use tongue and lips to make circles and gently create friction by moving your hand up and down the shaft of the penis so more nerve endings are activated. Even though it’s called a ‘blow job’ don’t actually blow on it 😂 and NEVER use teeth. Also, expand your exploration to the broader genital area, not leaving out the testicles which also LOVE attention.

Pro tip:

When the guy is close to orgasm, you will notice his balls will pull up in preparation for ejaculation. If it’s too soon for you and you’d like to extend the pleasure, bring him to the edge, then press on the little spot between his balls and anus to massage his prostate (not too hard of course!). This will help him control the ejaculation. By also reducing your contact with the tip of the penis, his excitement level will decrease just enough to keep going a little longer.

If the guy is circumcised a different technique is needed. With no foreskin to protect it, the tip is permanently exposed and rubs against clothes, so it gets desensitized. Circumcised men are more likely to achieve orgasm thru stimulation of the shaft of the penis creating friction that simulates penetration. In this case, you need to make sure you use a lot of saliva or lubricant and don’t spend too much time licking the head of the penis as it may not do much for him (obviously the easiest way to check is to ask what he likes).

The frenulum and the edge are still sensitive but it’s less likely to be effective in generating pleasure. Focus more on hand movements and if you don’t have a very sensitive gag reflex, take him deeper into your mouth until you find the most sensitive spot.

Pro tip:

Ask your man to show you how he masturbates so you can notice the grip (how hard he’s holding himself), what movement and speed he prefers, and notice whether he focuses more on the tip or the shaft. This will give you all the clues you need to give him the best blowjob ever.