3 New Year resolutions for a sexier new you

Make 2021 the year you discover Sexy New You!

If you are like me, you started the new year wishing for a lot more freedom, fun and satisfaction. No wonder considering the challenges we’ve all faced in 2020😏.

But not all this change was bad if you come to think of it.

Dating and socializing became more complicated. We’ve worked more from home and didn’t go out as much as we used to. We’ve even been on zoom dates and partied at a distance. But we’ve spent more time with our loved ones and, most importantly, a lot more time with ourselves.

The sex toy industry has exploded and most of us learned a lot of new things about pleasure. Especially if you’ve been watching my Sexy Sundays videos on Instagram. We’ve learned about masturbation, sexting, and the erotic power of dirty talk, some rediscovering the lost art of phone sex. We reduced social and personal contact but fortunately, technology and innovation in the space of intimate wellness have compensated for missed real-life encounters.

2021 offers us a great opportunity to continue this process of self-discovery and exploration of a new world of sensual pleasure.

Here are 3 tips for how to make 2021 the sexiest, most pleasurable year ever.

Enjoying pleasure

Map out your pleasure zones 💕

Many women struggle to enjoy sex with a partner. Mostly because they are too shy to explore their own bodies and are unaware of their own erogenous zones. Start out by blocking a couple of hours every week to spend some quality time learning what makes you shake with desire. (Sunday mornings are my favorite) . Your body is like a treasure chest full of new sensations with over 30 different pleasure spots waiting to be uncovered. Experiment with different ways of touching yourself all over your body. Play with heat and cold, textures, aromas…  Give yourself permission to enjoy every second and every new discovery. I promise you it will be worth it!

Invest in a high-quality sex toy ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The range of products available on the market caters to many different tastes and needs. What about a necklace that doubles up as a powerful vibrator like Vesper? (Move over diamonds, this my favorite piece of jewelry of all times 😍). You can also explore Crystal Pleasure Wands or the latest generation suction vibrators like the Womanizer (both available at Sally Coco). If you already know you just looooove oral pleasure (quite frankly my favorite part of a sexual encounter), why not check out my go-to ecstasy-maker, the Tsubaki from our home-grown luxury intimate wellness brand, Yverest.

To determine what is the right product for you, the first step is to complete the exploration suggested 👆. Once you explored your body, you will be able to determine if you require direct external stimulation of the clitoris to experience an orgasm. If you are like 70% of women, your best bet is any of the clitoral vibrators mentioned above. If, on the other hand, you prefer penetration and enjoy G-spot orgasms, explore the range of internal toys like Lelo Liv 2 or any type of rabbit vibrator for double pleasure.


Revisit your limits and have more fun💋

Traditional attitudes towards gender roles put women on the defensive when it comes to pleasure. Many of us have been educated to use sex as a way of manipulating a man into commitment. To play hard to get until some magical words have been said. Having clear boundaries about when and how you engage in sex is a very important part of you being in control of your life. Deciding when and how you do it is a personal choice and once you learn to disconnect sex from love, you can enjoy pleasure without guilt or a bigger agenda. Start by setting an intention of having more fun sexual encounters and exploring your sexuality in many new ways. Define what you want to get out of these moments and clarify your limits and standards. What must happen for you to have sex with a new partner and what rules you follow when it comes to sexperimentation. Ensure you are comfortable communicating these rules to new partners and you will have a lot of fun.


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